Remembering 9/11

16 09 2007

Its the 9/11 anniversary the other day and there were candles lit and soaked in tears…..

Victims of terrorism and their plight was not highlighted until 9/11 to what they deserved. Its the policy of FACT to campaign agianst any form of terror across the globe. We pray for the peace of the souls and for the well being of the living whose condition is more worse than the dead.

The number of American soldiers killed in Iraq alone exceeds the number of people killed in the 9/11 attacks, officially put at 2,973. The two figures have more in common than mere symbolism, beginning with the inhumanity, or rather the de-­humanity, the figures represent. I’m not referring to the obvious waste of the deaths themselves, to the barbarism of 9/11 or the vengeful barbarism since, but to the jag of dishonesty at the core of the first figure, and how that jag led to the second. That figure, 2,973, doesn’t include the nineteen hijackers. News accounts and blogs have over the years taken pride in noting the exclusion with those few words, not including…, as if it’s a point of honor to deny the nineteen so much as post-mortem identification as members of the human race. The exclusion signaled the desire to deny the hijackers and by extension the enemy they represented any claim on humanity, any sense that the enemy shares the slightest commonality with his victims, with us members of the human race, and more particularly us as members of western civilization.



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