Nandigram condemnation

18 11 2007

sea of Protestors

Protests protests everywhere

Commie goons

We condemn the human rights violation and the violence at Nandigram since 6 November 2007, which demonstrated, yet again, after the massacre of 14 March 2007, the way in which the ruling party in West Bengal does not hesitate to use the state machinery to meet its own narrow political ends. The planned inaction of the police since 6 November, the cordoning off of a large area by cadres of the CPI(M) without interference by the police, is no different in kind from what happened on 14 March. In both cases, the police acted as agents of the ruling party, something which goes completely against the norms of democratic governance.

This nexus between the ruling party and the state machinery becomes clearer when we consider that the police inaction in Nandigram has been matched by excessive police enthusiasm in cracking down on citizens in Kolkata and unleashing terror upon peaceful protestors.

We demand an immediate initiation of a just peace process in Nandigram, as distinct from an enforced normalcy. Such an initiative cannot take place without the restraining of ruling party cadres and mercenaries and ending the reign of terror that has been unleashed on the people. A just peace process, which will enable the people of Nandigram to return to their homes, must involve residents of Nandigram, together with a broad-based people’s initiative.

It is clear that the government has been complicit in creating a situation of terror in Nandigram. We hold the Chief Minister of West Bengal, who is also in charge of the police, directly accountable for this state of affairs.

600 Dalits and Muslims have been killed in Nandigram
Nov. 14, 2007 (detailed news Item here from rediff)
Over 600 Dalits and Muslims have been killed in Nandigram, most of them in the last week, claimed Dalit activist Dr Udit Raj, quoting a report from the West Bengal unit of the Indian Justice Party and the All India Confederation of SC/ST Organisations. Dr Raj is president of the IJP and chairman of the confederation.
In a press release, Dr Udit Raj claimed this was the reason why the media and social activists were kept out of the area.

No action taken by police 10 days after incident, CPM cadres still control access

Nandigram, Nov 16: It’s been 10 days since Sabina Begum (name changed to protect her identity) was allegedly gangraped by CPM men during “Operation Recapture,” as first reported in The Indian Express today. But the Nandigram police, who registered a case after the medical report confirmed the rape, say they have not been able to visit the victim’s house in Satengabari, the scene of the crime that can yield crucial evidence in the case.


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