Media says CPM fails to understand Muslims: Well well

22 11 2007

Yes you heard it right understand and understand and CPM thats wonderful well do we call it oxymoron or somethingelse.

CPM fails to understand Bengal, Muslims (IBNLIVE.COM)

A city infamous for bandhs and strikes, Kolkata suffered another jolt to its reputation. But has Bengal’s image taken a beating because of the protests in Kolkata? And do the protests in Kolkata reflect Muslim anger against the CPM?
CNN-IBN’s Senior Editor Sagarika Ghose asked this on Face The Nation to a panel comprising Kolkata Mayor Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharyya, Shahanshah Jehangir, president of the Indian Union Muslim League in West Bengal, filmmaker Goutam Ghose and senior journalist Swapan Dasgupta.
The CPM-led Left Front government first bungled in Nandigram, then it botched up the investigation into graphics designer Rizwanur Rehman’s murder and on Wednesday it failed to foresee the violence in Kolkata.
Why has the Left Front government failed to read the people’s mood so many times?
Mayor Bhattacharyya denied that the government has lost touch with the people and blamed Opposition parties for the violence.

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