The Aurangzebs are here allaround

24 11 2007

I cant resist saying this otherwise who on earth would go to an extent of killing unknown and anonymous people whom they have not met ever in their life or know their faces for whatever ideology they represent and however true it is.

This report from Hindustan times shows things as they are if not more clear.

Close on the heels of Friday’s blasts in Uttar Pradesh, another email threatening a series of explosions, including an attack on the visiting Pakistani cricket team, is doing the rounds on Saturday.

Television channel ‘India TV’ here claimed to have received an email from “” on Saturday morning in which the message threatened the visiting Pakistani cricket team to withdraw from the Test series.

The source and authenticity of the message were yet to be verified. “We will check the message once the television channel hands us over the email,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) Alok Kumar said.

Today’s email threatened blasts in various places in Chennai, Ghaziabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Islamabad.

Various Television channels had received an email on Friday also which landed minutes after the first blast rocked the holy town of Varanasi.



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