The moderate elements online

1 12 2007

As a policy of encouraging debate on religion and debate against fundamentalism FACT (Foundation against continuing terrorism) has started the project DARA SHIKOH. Dara the prince royale that would have changed the way India is , is a role model for most fundamentalists.

Online on the web despite more venom and slit the throat, Jehad and Holy wars here is one blog that lists the FATWAS against the Terrorists and I would make it a point to list more such debates on this blog. The blog claims in its own words

We’re not getting all the news from the media, and we’re sure not hearing it
from the plethora of Islamophobic sites online. Talk radio suppresses this news,
too. There are Islamic sites and Islamic associations, religious and political
leaders that strongly condemn terrorism and violence, that are strongly allied
with the US in the war on terror, but not enough people know this. This site
will bring you that news.
This is one site that hosts discussions on various topics and the ins and outs of ISLAM.
The site claims



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