Police vandalism in full light

8 03 2008

POOR Prince of Arkat, he seems to be suffering from selective amnesia when he forgets things otherwise. History is History and Aurangzeb can never be ISLAM and when he tries to say otherwise and ban the exhibition he is actually doing more harm than any help.

Prince of Arcot welcomes decision to close exhibition
Special Correspondent

CHENNAI: The Prince of Arcot, Abdul Mohammed Ali, on Friday said the controversial exhibition on Mughal monarch Aurangazeb, which was closed prematurely on the advice of the police, had the potential to disrupt communal harmony.

In a statement, he said it “seemed obvious that the effect of such an exhibition would be to promote enmity between various groups, thereby vitiating the peaceful atmosphere of coexistence of different religions in the city and the State of Tamil Nadu.”

In this context, everyone interested in communal harmony, secularism and national integration would welcome the decision of the police to terminate the exhibition. The measure would go a long way in preventing untoward incidents and maintaining harmony and religious tolerance that had made Tamil Nadu a shining example for the rest of the country, he said.



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