The Shivaji Exhibition draws Schools and youngsters alike.

18 03 2008

The Shivaji Exhibition has caught the attention of Mumbai schools. School students have been flowing in all through with their teachers guiding them through the rare manuscripts and paintings, explaining them stories from the Folklore as well as History and showing them around the various forts. The forts and the rare documents are catching the childrens’ attention for a while.
Apart from the schools there have been nature clubs and hikers and trekkers with cameras comming in to shoot the panels of rare documents. A trekker I have been talking to has been vowed by the variety of the exhibition while the Nature lover wants us to do an exhibition on Environment Terrorism. There are the teachers who wnt the exhibition to stay in Mumbai and travel to their schools so that the children especially 4th class and above get a chance to see and travel through History.

So by the time we are closed on 18th evening 6:30 pm the Visitors count is 4,900 and counting.

See you soon Mumbai (June 20th at the King George School, now called the Indian Education Society’s Raja Shivaji High School.) and thankyou for the support.



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18 03 2008

This is a brilliant initiative. I find myself totally impressed and captivated. All the very best. I am looking forward to visting this site everyday.
It is time Hindus stand up for their right in their very homeland.
Arise and Awake my fellow Hindus. You belong to an age old civilization that has given many things to this world. It is time to preserve your identity.
I wish to thank Francois Gautier.

21 03 2008

See here or here

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