Give up arms: Prachanda to Indian Maoists

17 05 2008

Give up arms: Prachanda to Indian Maoists
Press Trust of India
Saturday, May 17, 2008 (Kathmandu)
Sending a strong message to Maoists in India to shun violence, Prachanda has said the Leftist rebels’ electoral triumph in Nepal should make them understand the difference between ballot and bullet.

”Our behaviour, our policy, our practice itself strongly gave the message to the Maoists of India. Though, we don’t want to directly address them, the benefit we have got, the difference of ballot and bullet has already sent a message,” the Maoist chief said in an interview on a TV channel.

Prachanda, believed to be Nepal’s prime minister-in-waiting, was asked what advice he would give to the Maoists in India.

”There should be a serious discussion in the matter inside the Maoists of India. A strong message has already gone to the Maoists of India and Maoists all over the world about our victory,” said the 53-year-old Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist chief, who led a decade-long armed struggle against monarchy before joining political mainstream in 2006.

Asked whether he would like India to persuade the US to take the Maoists off the terror list, he said ”I won’t request them but expect them to do it”.

”In fact, we already have contact with the US administration,” he said.




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