Terror attacks India

27 07 2008

Courtesy: rediff

India has once again been attacked. This time the target was Bengaluru and Ahmedabad. The ease with which these attacks are being conducted only gives rise to one question — Is terrorism becoming as common as a case of theft?

Looking at the numerous incidents of terror across the country, one could come to the conclusion that it’s slowly becoming a part of our life.

Political parties have been using terrorism as a weapon to get back at opponents. While the mudslinging continues, fact remains that almost all incidents of terror, which have taken place across the country in the last year, remain unsolved.

(Click the icons for investigation status)

The Shahid Bilal Angle
The HuJI operative has figured in at least 5 of the 8 cases. Cops in all the terror-hit states feel that Bilal — who originally hails from Hyderabad — will be the key person to divulge correct details regarding all these attacks.

However, while Pakistan claims he is dead, Indian intelligence says this is not true. Now, the Hyderabad police commissioner has confirmed that the HujI operative is dead. The officer is, however, basing his statements on the information received by the family. For the record — the family has been maintaining since the past five months that Bilal was dead. The fact remains Bilal’s name seems to crop up only when an act of terror is committed in this country.

Reportage: Vicky Nanjappa
Design: Uday Kuckian
Editorial coordination: Vipin Vijayan

(Map not to scale. Only for representative purposes)




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