Faulty chips saved Surat

31 07 2008
Stavan Desai, Hindustan Times
Ahmedabad, July 31, 2008

Faulty design of the circuit in the 18 bombs appears to have saved Surat from a catastrophe, say forensic experts.

The investigators came to this conclusion after inspecting the live bombs recovered from the diamond city. They have been sent for forensic examination to the Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS), Gandhinagar.

“Initial inspection of the bombs have led to the belief that the design of the timer circuits was faulty,” said M.S. Dahiya, the Additional Director at DFS.
“Investigations are still on to check if there could be any other reason for non-detonation of these bombs.”

The examination has also revealed that the perpetrators programmed the circuits in a manner that there would be enough time to detect and defuse.

Officials now suspect this was done to analyse the response time of bomb disposal experts. “We are going to be very careful as next time the bombs might not be programmed for such a delayed explosion and might go off even as we are attempting to defuse it,” said ACP V.M. Pargi of Surat police.

Experts add that the integrated circuit chips used in the 18 Surat bombs were similar.
The baffled Surat police, who have registered five FIRs in connection with the recoveries, are relying on forensic evidence to help them in the probe.

“Bombs were kept in uncanny places like behind billboards and atop trees,” pointed out a puzzled Surat Police Commissioner R.M.S. Brar.

Modi in Surat

Chief Minister Narendra Modi visited Varaccha area in Surat on Wednesday where a live bomb was found hanging from a tree.

Saying that terrorists are targeting India’s economic nerve centres, Modi announced a reward of Rs 51 lakh for information leading to the network behind recent Ahmedabad serial blasts.

He said the terrorists’ plan was to cripple the state’s financial activity. Modi said terrorism is a “proxy war” waged by the enemies against India and praised the people of Surat, saying their alertness prevented the explosions.

Cop shortage worry

The serial blasts has again turned the spotlight on the shortage of policemen in states. “In Surat alone, of the total strength of 3,500 police personnel, 500 to 700 posts are lying vacant,” said a Home Ministry official.

The Centre is planning to ask states to anticipate vacancies and start the process of recruitment two-three years before the retirements occur. “We have started such a practice in central forces like CRPF and BSF. This is very helpful. We want the states to follow it at their level too.”




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