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31 07 2008

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Source: Indian Express
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26 Mar 2008

Probe slams officers, staff for largest Naxal jailbreak

An administrative inquiry into Chhattisgarh’s Dantewara prison break on December 16, 2007 where 299 prisoners…

03 Mar 2008

Naxalites shift gaze to urban areas, think of car bombs, suicide missions

Seized Naxal laptop suggests bid to acquire urban warfare capabilities, training in anti-aircraft guns

29 Feb 2008

This station has weapons, Internet, mineral water, needs a few more cops

“I am giving you a constable. He will drop you off there and come back.” When Circle Inspector of Chennur police station…

28 Feb 2008

How do you win back 11 villages from Naxal control? Check with these 75 policemen

“One number sentryiiiiiiii…, hoshiyaaaar hai”. The loud, long-winding call in the dead of night breaks the silence in this village…

27 Feb 2008

If Naxals can have special squads, why can’t we, ask cops

Naxals frustrate Jharkhand cops by fleeing to adjoining states

26 Feb 2008

In Naxal’s latest den, police station can’t fill up vacancies

With barely a dozen cases being registered every year at the local police station…

25 Feb 2008

No electricity, no phone, this Bihar police station has only God to thank

Each day, when Sub Inspector R L Thakur gazes at the setting sun falling behind the hills facing his police station, he shivers.

24 Feb 2008

Fighting a war with two mobikes, one phone and no drinking water

A tiny room, one light bulb, a table and a chair, an AK-47 hanging from a nail on the wall, a cot in one corner with four bamboo sticks…

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Naxals set ablaze four RTC buses and two vans
Women naxal killed in an exchange of fire

Naxals hijacked two tourist boats
Blasts boats as retaliation to killing of naxals

Revolutionary organizations get together for merger
Two revolutionary women organizations come together

Naxals kill two constables

Naxals on the scene again

Naxals peace talks – Security responsibility by Police

September 30, 2004: PW and Janasakhti Rally in Hyderabad draws large crowd

September 20, 2004: 9 States conference on Naxals

August 26, 2004: Former PWG militant kidnapped in Kurnool

July 30, 2004: Cases against PW emissaries may be withdrawn

July 28, 2004: People’s War Warangal meeting a grand success

July 20, 2004: Talks with naxals are in progressive side – YSR

July 4, 2004: Proposed move on talks with naxals

June 14, 2004: No response from naxals for talks

PWG / Maoists
Maoists killed three police men at a close range.
CM visits family members of policemen shot dead

Maoists strikes Atmakur(M) Police Station
Kills SI, ASI and a Home Guard

Ban on Maoists extended for one more year
Decision taken at State Cabinet Meeting

Kidnapped constable killed by Naxals
Constable belongs to Sukuma Police Station

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