TALIBAN says India is an "eternal enemy".

5 08 2008

Will India be able to counter this Eternal enemy the TALIBAN
Source: Rediff
August 05, 2008 17:29 IST

A top local Taliban [Images] leader has dismissed contentions by Pakistani officials that India is helping militants in the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan.

“We are true Muslims and true Pakistanis and are more concerned about the country’s safety than any other countryman,” Maulana Faqir Muhammad, “deputy commander” of the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, told the News daily.

He said they consider India as an “eternal enemy”.

Muhammad, who leads the Pakistani Taliban in the Bajaur tribal region, also rejected reports that al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed or wounded in a recent US missile strike in South Waziristan Agency.

Referring to the Taliban’s peace talks with the Pakistan government, he said the authorities were not sincere.

“We are very clear about the talks. We never denied talks with the government. If the government were not aggravating the situation here, we too would not do so. We do not want activities inside the country so that we can focus more attention across the border,” Muhammad said.

His comments came as pressure mounted on Pakistan from various countries, including the US and Afghanistan, to rein in militants operating from its soil.

He said the Pakistan government had committed “excesses” in the Swat valley in the North West Frontier Province. “If the government stopped the operations in Swat, the situation would automatically calm down within no time, but if the government continued the operation, it would face more resistance,” he warned.



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