After one year of twin blasts in Hyderabad, victims are still suffering

25 08 2008

After one year of twin blasts in Hyderabad, victims are still suffering

Press Release


Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, while expressing deep sorrow for the victims of the bomb blasts at Hyderabad, said that the even after one year of the blasts, government failed to provide the medical facilities and any help to the persons injured. The promises made by the government are only for the namesake, which have not been fulfilled. The condition of the persons injured in the blasts is worse than the dead. An example of such case is of 27 years old youth named Shiva Reddy, who after completing M.Tech from Anwal-ul-Uloom College, worked as design engineer at Vijay electrical company. On 25th August 2007 While returning from work he met two of his friends, “Uday and Badushah” near Gokul chat. The owner of the chat asked them to either come inside the shop or move away from there. So, they went inside the Gokul chat.

They were taking the token from the owner, suddenly a blast occurred in which Shiva Reddy and Badushah were severely injured, whereas Uday escaped with minor injury on his ear. Shiva Reddy became unconscious with severe injuries. Doctors said there is hope of only 5%. The ball bearings and the other material used in the bomb were struck in his various parts of body including head, hands, legs, liver, and abdomen etc. he was operated to remove ball bearings from the head and his nervous system got affected badly. His parents say even after five months of treatment at the hospital, there is no sign of recovery.

A ball bearing is still stuck in his brain, hand and leg, by touching its presence can be felt and body completely crippled. He cannot even talk, walk, hear and see. Five of his teeth are broken; vision of left eye is lost. Shiva is mentally so scared that he gets scary even with the presence of human beings around him. When anyone tries to talk to him in gesture, his body shivers. Shiva’s mother weeps inconsolably and says I have brought him up with lots of love care and affection, and provided him high level of education. She even goes to the extent of saying death is better than this kind of life. I cannot bear the suffering he is undergoing each second. She appeals with the folded hands to provide justice to them. During our conversation, with Shiva’s painful screams, the house was echoing. His father said only Rs. 20,000/- was given in the name of ex-gratis. During the stay at the hospital, they were ill treated by the staff and District Medical Health Officer. As per the saying of his brother Srinivas Reddy, the behavior of the hospital authorities was like how long will they take free treatment here, take away the victim from here.

Collector of Hyderabad visited him at the hospital and made some fake promises and he even asked them to take discharge from the hospital and bear all the medical expenditure themselves.

Now the condition is they have taken discharge from the hospital and Shiva’s treatment is very expensive, his family has to spend minimum of Rs.15, 000/ – per month towards his medical expenditure. Shiva’s elder brother Srinivas Reddy is married and had to leave his job to look after his brother. Father is employed in government printing press and looks after the family. The family has lost the earnings of the two brothers.

Chief Minister promised to provide job to Srinivas Reddy but not fulfilled yet. The unemployed brother of the victim is tired of visiting Secretariat. The family says that the government is hurting us by making fake promises. Chief Minister Mr. Rajashekhar Reddy who himself is a doctor by profession, could not feel the suffering of the victim and Shiva is considered as a general victim.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee after meeting this family believes that the government has failed to fulfill its duties and promises made. There is no budget in the government for the treatment of Shiva. Government does not have time to feel the pain of the mother. To provide the job to the brother of the victim, there are hurdles created by the officials, and ministries.

Civil liberties committees feels that the people of Hyderabad are under the continuous threat of Bomb terror and police terror. Two sides of terror have worsened the living conditions of the people. Victims’ confidence has lost from the government. Now peoples’ help is needed very much.

The Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee has already brought the facts of atrocities by police on youth to the notice of the society. Today we are presenting only one bomb blasts victim’s condition and government’s incapacity to help the victims before the people and appeals for immediate monetary support to this particular youth, Shiva reddy and fulfill their human and moral responsibility. It should always be kept in mind that saving any human life is the most precious gift.

His address is: H.No. 6-97, Brindavan Colony, New High School, Saroor nagar, Hyderabad. Telephone numbers are: 9908118630 and 24058156.

Civil Liberties Committee has demanded the government to extend medical treatment to Shiva Reddy and provide job to his unemployed brother.

Police loses terror trail
Victims left on their own
Families still reel under debts
Many still waiting for government’s help



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