Francois and his trubles with FACT and US

21 08 2007

Francois and his trubles with FACT and USok I was with francois at FACT and to start with here are some pixHEre are some Pix I have Clicked at the Exhibition

Hope U like them THey are with my Sony ericsson p910iso not that gr8 a quality

Loads of problems in the first place people are not ready to accept the idea ..

There have been a couple of voluntary supporters but u know how we Hindus are we go back at the slightest of bullying..THe contributors and supporters went away and he is all alone again…..I was with him at the FACT exhibition but poor guy yaar he is fighting a lone battle and for whom not for himself but for some “reatures called hindus”…I pity myself so lets spread the wordAnd lets do something

FACT Exhibition
Unveiling of “Asru (Tears): An Exhibition on the Plight of Hindus and other Minorities in Bangladesh” on Capitol Hill

FACT EXHIBITION was planned to be in Bangalore at MAINE Sadan Lauvelle Road from 19th Mar – 24th MArch… Volunteers requiredAnd MOST IMPORTANTLY VISITORS U know why ppl were afraid of visiting or getting Identified with FACT…

COz the themes we take up are bold bolder enough for the poor Hindus to get identified with. ANd after all we needed sombody like FRANCOIS GAUTIER to take up the cause of HINDUS and not we ourself.

GEt in touch with me for working with FACT :

now in preperation is “An Exhibition on Aurangazeb as he was portrayed in MOGHUL records”So nothing from our hands or mouths just as it was in the MOGHUL records. Poor Francois had to struggle with the Museum, ASI and other authorities mind u this was not in some MP or Nagaland it was in our very own Vasundharaji’s Govt RAjastan. ofcourse she was helpful later but look at the state of affairs.