FACT: Face of terror in hyderabad

27 08 2007

How could anyone kill a fellow creature ? Its not in my understanding how one can even think of harming and at the least killing an individual that too innocent people whose face you dont even know ?

The spray of visuals by the news channels of raw flesh and blood spread on the screens. Its gruesome and irresponsible, Whom to blame or is it just us who watch such things tolerating to be served with more. I think its time to protest, protest the killings and protest showing of such gruesome images too.


In fact India, since 2004, has lost more lives to terrorist incidents than all of North America, South America, Central America, Europe and Eurasia put together.

All of these vast swathes of the globe lost a total of 3,280 lives in terrorist incidents between January 2004 and March this year.

India alone lost 3,674 lives over the same period of three years and three months.

Islamist extremists caused about 11,400 of the 24,614 deaths for which responsibility has been fixed Thailand surprise name on terror-hit list.

Islamist extremists account for about 11,400 of the 24,614 deaths caused in incidents where the perpetrators can be identified, that’s almost half of all people killed by terrorism. Christian extremists too have played their deadly part—causing 686 deaths, and before you think Ireland and the UK, pause. The fact is that Ireland is one of 103 countries where no lives have been lost to terrorism since 2004, while the UK has lost 55. Most of the 686 deaths caused by Christian extremists are in places like Uganda.

REST IN PEACE: A girl lights a candle in memory of those killed in the blast at the Lumbini Park in Hyderabad on Sunday

May their souls rest in peace

List of the dead
Mohammad Rizwan, New Malakpet (16 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
E Shyam Rao, Seethaphalmandi (27 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Raheemunnisa Begum, Asmanghad, Malakpet (40 yrs)- Gokul Chat.
Ahmed Mohiuddin, Govt. Teacher, Zaheerabad (45 yrs)- Gokul Chat.
Yahiya Abdul Qader, New Malakpet (17 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Akramullah Khan, Amberpet (22 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Prathyusha, Malakpet (20 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
C Vigyna Doophadu, Prakasham Dist (18 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Dr K V Anand, Barhampur, Orissa, DM (Anchology)(30 yrs) NIMS-Gokul Chat.
Master Ameer, Humayun Nagar (8 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Master Mohd. Ali, Humayun Nagar (6 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
K Krishna Chand, Shamshabad (28 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Vinya Babu, New Maruthi Nagar (24 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Mohd. Basith, Malakpet (21 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Dr Chaitanya Prasad, Narsaraopet,Guntur(23 yrs)- Home Surgeon OGH.Gokul chat.
Kishan, servant in Gokul Chat, Ramanthapur (55 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Mohd. Saleem, Humayun Nagar (47 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Syeda Fareeda Naaz, Humayun Nagar (35 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
K Sai Swaroop, Dilsukhnagar (21 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Sudhir Kumar, Bank Colony, Nizamabad (21 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Kundan Dass, Kachiguda (45 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Srilekha, Uppal (18 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Shravanthi,Uppal (18 yrs)- Gokul Chat.
Susheela, Uppal (45 yrs)- Gokul Chat.
L Shiva Krishna, Guntur (45 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Shaik Irfandowla, Anantapur (35 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Ramesh, Lab Supervisor, Santoshnagar (21 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
K Ram Mohan Rao, employee in ECIL, native of Tenali (23 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
P Urandhar Tannidhi, Kukatpally (19 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Sai Swaroop, Diksukhnagar (21 yrs)-Gokul Chat.
Sachin Bouar, Amruthavani Engineering College, Ahmednagar (19 yrs)-Lumbini Park.
B Sujith Kumar, Amruthavani Engineering College (19 yrs)- Lumbini Park.
Milind Mande, Amruthavani Engineering College- Lumbini Park.
Rupesh Bore, Amruthavani Engineering College-Lumbii Park.
Sourab Kumar, Amruthavani Engineering College-Lumbini Park.
Irshad Ahmed, Amruthavani Engineering College-Lumbini Park.
Kiran Chowdary, Amruthavani Engineering College (19 yrs)- Lumbini Park.
Sardar Vallabhai Patel, Businessman,Ahmed Nagar (45 yrs)-Lumbini Park.
Ibrahim Khan, Lokoshed Inspector, Madhya Pradesh (45 yrs)-Lumbini Park.
M K Jain, Lokoshed Inspector, Madhya Pradesh (44 yrs)- Lumbini Park.
One unidentified body.