‘Delhi bombs brought from K’taka’

20 09 2008

Source: CNN IBN

New Delhi: The perpetrators of the serial bombings in the capital had brought the bombs from Karnataka before the start of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, the Delhi Police said Saturday, adding that one live bomb was yet to be recovered.

“Mohammed Saif and Sajid went to Karnataka and bought 10 bombs to Delhi by train two or three days before the start of Ramzan. But one bomb was detected to be faulty at the last moment and, therefore, was not planted,” Joint Commissioner of Police (Special Cell) Karnail Singh said at a press conference here.

He added that bombs were brought here in ready condition and the terrorists here only set the timers.

However, Delhi Police are yet to recover the faulty bomb. “They have thrown the faulty bomb in a drain near Batla House (in Jamia Nagar here). Then there is a live bomb somewhere near the Regal cinema hall (in Connaught Place) but we haven’t recovered them so far,” said a senior police official.

Police recovered a soldering iron, pallets, a laptop and a mobile phone of Atif, a key Indian Mujahideen leader, from a house in Jamia Nagar after a shootout Friday in which two terrorists – Atif and Sajid – were killed and Saif was arrested.

“It was Atif who used to send e-mails to various people including media organizations (about the Indian Mujahideen taking responsibility for the blasts). He was the main co-coordinator of sharing information amongst various organizations,” Singh added.

A terrorist module of 13 people was responsible for recent terror attacks in India including the Uttar Pradesh court blasts of last year and the serial bombings in Jaipur, Ahmedabad and New Delhi this year, police said.

Abdul Subhan Qureshi alias Tauqir has been alleged to have masterminded the Sep 13 synchronized blasts in the capital that killed 24 people and left nearly 100 injured.

Terror Strikes Indian Capital : Masked Indian Mujahideen

13 09 2008

In pictures: Delhi blasts

The site of one of the blasts

As police secured the scene, investigations into the cause of the blasts got underway.

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  • Story Highlights
  • Explosions hit Karol Bagh market, Kailash Market, and Connaught Place
  • Two other bombs found near a movie theater and near central park defused
  • CNN-IBN received email warning reportedly from Indian Mujahedeen
  • Exact number of casualties is not known

Courtesy: CNN.COM

NEW DELHI, India (CNN) — A string of explosions ripped through busy marketplaces in New Delhi on Saturday, killing at least 15 people and injuring at least 50 others, a police spokesman said.

People run to help an injured man after a bomb blast in a commercial area in New Delhi.

People run to help an injured man after a bomb blast in a commercial area in New Delhi.

CNN-IBN, CNN’s sister network in India, said it received an e-mail from the Indian Mujahadeen warning of an impending strike. The e-mail was received about five minutes after the first blast.

At least five explosions ripped through the Karol Bagh market, Kailash Market and Connaught Place — a popular tourist destination, Delhi police spokesman Rajan Bhagat said.

Two other bombs found near a movie theater and near central park in the Connaught Place area were defused, he said.

Bhagat refused comment about who might have carried out the attack. No arrests have been made, he said.

Indian Mujahideen claimed responsibility for more than a dozen blasts that struck the western Indian city of Ahmedabad in July, killing 15 and wounded 100 others.

The blasts struck within about an hour of each other within a six-mile (10 km) radius.

Indian Mujahideen also claimed responsibility in May for near-simultaneous bomb attacks that killed 63 people in the northwest city of Jaipur.

In the Jaipur claim, the group declared “open war” against India in retaliation for what it said were 60 years of Muslim persecution and the country’s support of United States’ policies.

BBC Video of the blasts

Chronology of Delhi blasts:

Courtesy: Expressindia.com

Oct 29, 2005: 50 people killed and 70 injured, including some foreigners, in three explosions in two busy markets and near a bus in Delhi.

May 22, 2005: One person killed in serial blasts in two cinema halls in Delhi.

Dec 30, 1997: Four commuters killed and about 30 injured in a bomb explosion in a bus near Punjabi Bagh.

Nov 30, 1997: Twin blasts in Red Fort area leaves three killed and 70 injured.

Oct 26, 1997: Twin bomb blasts in Karol Bagh market leaves one dead and 34 injured.

Oct 18, 1997: One killed, 23 hurt in twin bomb blasts in Rani Bagh market.

Oct 10, 1997: One killed, 16 injured in three bomb blasts at Shantivan, Kauria Pul and Kingsway Camp areas.

Oct 1, 1997: Thirty injured in two bomb explosions near a procession in the Sadar Bazar area.

Jan 9, 1997: 50 injured in bomb blast opposite the Delhi Police Headquarters at ITO.

May 23, 1996: At least 16 people killed in bomb blasts in Lajpat Nagar Central Market.