Another Maoist outfit taking shape in state

18 09 2008

So here we Go one more millitant organisation and fellow Indians in particular and global citizens in general note some more bloodshed and more killings of the peasants in the name of fighting for the peasants.

Express News Service

17 Sep 2008 03:02:00 AM IST

KOZHIKODE: A splinter group within the Naxalite spectrum has formed a new Maoist outfit- the People’s Liberation Front of India (PLFI)- , which also upholds the theory of armed struggle. The CPI (Maoist) and the CPIML (Naxalbari) are the two Maoists organisations presently operating in the state.

PLFI is the frontal organisation of the Maoist Communist Centre of India (MCCI), a Maoist outfit which has its presence in states like Bihar.A major chunk of the MCCI had merged with the CPI-ML (People’s War) in 2004 to form the CPI (Maoist). But a section in the MCCI stayed away from the merger and continued to operate independently. The PLFI has been formed by the elements in various states which are opposed to CPI (Maoists) for various reasons.

The declared aim of the outfit is to ‘support the Maoists to establish a new democratic republic of India.’ Some of the persons in the state committee of the PLFI were earlier with the CPI (Maoists). The state secretary of the MCCI in the state is a person who was a state committee member of the CPI (Maoists). A woman cadre of the CPI (Maoist) has recently joined the PLFI.Majority of the workers of the PLFI/MCCI are from North Kerala.

The formation meeting of the outfit was held in Iritty a few months ago.The PLFI in the state is working in close co-ordination with the units in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.It has brought out a magazine titled Communist.The outfit has organised campaign against hike in the price of essential commodities and poster campaign on Charu Mazumdar Day on July 28.The PLFI had decided to organise agitation against the eviction of families from Moorkan Paramba for the proposed international airport in Kannur. It has hailed the attack on Grey Hounds in Orissa and ransacking of the NABARD Office in Kalpetta. The PLFI has some serious difference of opinion with the CPI (Maoists), mainly over military tactics. The PLFI believes that CPI (Maoists) has converted people’s war into mere militarism.