Bomb blast in Tibetan area of China

20 03 2009

China has stepped up security in Tibetan areas during the unrest anniversaries [GALLO/GETTY]

A bomb has exploded inside a police station in a mainly Tibetan area of China’s Sichuan province, China’s state media has reported.

A group of assailants reportedly threw the bomb at the unoccupied building shortly before midnight on Monday night.

The incident came amid politically-sensitive anniversaries with Tibetans marking 50 years since a failed uprising against Chinese rule over Tibet and the first anniversary of last year’s violence in Lhasa and other Tibetan areas.

The blast in Sichuan’s Batang county shattered windows in the building but no injuries were reported.

Police have said they are investigating the incident.

Bantang county is just a short distance from the border with Tibet.

The county is part of Ganzi prefecture, an area known for its strong Tibetan identity which has been at the centre of dissent against Chinese rule for years.

The region saw some of the most violent protests during last year’s unrest.