Illegal migration of Bangladeshis continues Special Correspondent

22 02 2009

Source: The Hindu

NEW DELHI: About five lakh Bangladeshi nationals came to India on valid travel documents during 2007 and 25,712 were reported to have overstayed. The government could deport 12,135 in the same year, official data available with the Home Ministry shows.

Admitting that illegal migration and infiltration from Bangladesh into various parts of the country was taking place clandestinely, the Ministry said specific details were not available as to how many persons entered the country through illegal means.

“While foreign nationals, including Bangladeshi migrants, are not entitled for inclusion in electoral rolls or benefits of various government schemes, the possibility of such benefits being availed by some illegal migrants and foreigners cannot be totally ruled out,” according to official documents.

It said the powers of identification and deportation have been delegated to the State governments and the Union Territories under Section 3(2) of the Foreigners Act.