Analysis: Who is a terrorist?

20 10 2007

Analysis: Who is a terrorist?
By the BBC’s Allan Little
In an effort to rally America after 11 September President Bush said: “There are good causes and bad causes. But there is no such thing as a good terrorist. “Every nation must know that they are either with us or they are with the terrorist. No nation can pick and choose its terrorist friends,” he added. Mayor Rudolf Giuliani of New York summed up the rage of an entire nation – and the unimpeachable sense of righteousness on which that rage is founded – when he said: “Those who practise terrorism lose any right to have their cause understood … We’re right, they’re wrong. It’s as simple as that.” But the experience of those states who have had to fight terrorism over many years and even decades suggests it is seldom as simple as that. (For more click here to BBC’s article )

Iraqi Insurgent Media Campaign Targets American Audiences
The Jamestown Foundation

Since the September 11 attacks, the internet has emerged as a pillar of radical Islamist propaganda efforts against the United States by al-Qaeda and other groups. Extremist websites and chat forums provide radicals and sympathizers with moral and theological justification for acts of violence and terrorism, acts framed as legitimate self-defense against what is widely perceived as a U.S.-led campaign against Islam. The internet is also a platform for disseminating tactical, operational and strategic expertise, to include instructions on constructing explosives, analyses of battlefield lessons learned and discussions on targeting selection. (For more on the article go here at Jamestown foundation)