L K Advani inaugurates an exhibition on "Naxalism: A threat to the Unified nation of India"

13 07 2008

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Below are the press release and the photographs of L K Advani’s visit to the



L K Advani today inaugurated an exhibition by FACT on “Naxalism: A threat to the Unified nation of India” at India Habitat centre Delhi. The Exhibition based is on the statistical and ground reports along with photographs. It is an impressive effort to bring to light the mindless violence in the name of Left wing ideology. Mr Advani after inaugurating the exhibition by lighting the lamp was impressed by the exhibition and remarked “this is a very dedicated effort and I appreciate the organisers FACT and its founder Francois Gautier” He also remarked in the visitors book ” violence can never be a solution to the existing problems or of the future and its efforts like those by Sri Sri Ravishankar and Art of Living that can make a difference”.

The exhibition will be screened until 14th july 2008, while this happens to be the second screening of the exhibition, the first one was held on the sidelines of the “South Asia Peace and Reconciliation conference” Oslo in Norway. This effort happens to be a one of its kind.

The exhibition travels through the pain and sufferings caused by the Left wing seperatism with ample help from Photographs and statistics. Blasted schools that rob the children of their future and childhood, blasted roads and destruction caused in the lives of the peasants whom the Maoists claim to be fighting for are all illustrations of a failed ideology through the gun. Investments in the stock markets by maoists, budgets scaling to crores for ammunition show the loss of ideology of the ‘saviours’ and puts them in question of their deeds by even their own supporters. The exhibition tries to portray and study the sociological and human rights impact from neutral perspective while giving a benefit of doubt for the arguments that “but they are fighting for people”, “but they have sacrificed their lives”, “but they are committed” and a whole lot of questions. The money and the caste conflicts in the naxal movement are by themselves answers to a lot of questions while maoism fights for a so called casteless society.

FACT a not for profit trust and has been working to highlight the mindless killings in the name of ideology and religion. Established in 2003 by Francois Gautier the French journalist, indologist and author living in India for the past 33 years. The recent Historical and Artistic exhibition on Aurangazeb by the organisation has run into trouble after Muslim fundamentalists createdtrouble in chennai.