The terror everywhere Manila, Karachi…

20 10 2007

The foot print of terror and the mindset is being shown everywhere across the world the latest being Manila and in pakistan on the motorcade of the Ex-PM Bhutto.

Relatives mourn the death of a bomb blast victim outside a morgue in Karachi

Rescuers survey the damage after an explosion near a crowded shopping mall in Manila’s financial district of Makati.

KARACHI blasts

October 20, 2007, 01:03
Karachi: Former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto yesterday said the suicide bomb attack on her motorcade on Thursday that killed at least 133 people was not on her but on democracy. “The attack was on what I represent. The attack was on democracy and the very unity and integrity of Pakistan,” she told a crowed press conference at Bilawal House in Karachi.

Audio: Benazir Bhutto talks about the threats which have been made
to her (mp3)

Audio: Benazir Bhutto talks about the deal with President
Musharraf (mp3)

Audio: Benazir Bhutto talks about the battle for hearts and minds

Bhutto said the dastardly attack was intended to intimidate and blackmail the political forces that work for democracy in the country.

So who are they arent these creatures human, if yes why are they so bent upon spilling fellow humans blood and throwing them into pain and dastardly suffering ? Are we all like that ? Many questions questions that probably we need to probe into ourself and into peoples psyche.

Manila blasts

October 20, 2007, 01:03
Manila: A car bomb is suspected to have caused the massive explosion that left nine people dead and 95 others injured near a commercial hub in Manila’s financial district of Makati yesterday, sources told Gulf News.
The body of a man found under a taxi in the parking lot saw the death toll rise to nine from eight earlier. Investigators cordoned off the scene of the incident near the Park Square 2 and Glorietta 2 malls which are connected by an elevated walkway as bomb experts looked for clues and rescuers tried to extricate trapped survivors.
“The basement parking area of Park Square 2 was badly damaged. Several cars were destroyed. The bomb must have been left there. Four of the eight fatalities were reported in the parking area,” said a military official requesting anonymity.