THE HARMAT BRIGADE of the CPI(M) and vandalism of AIMF

21 11 2007


Evidence gathered by the CBI is believed to suggest that West Bengal Police acted in connivance with the CPI(M)’s ‘Harmat Brigade’, comprising Marxist cadre trained in hit-and-run tactics, during the March 14 violence that claimed at least 14 lives and left scores injured at Nandigram.According to reports, the evidence suggests at least two senior IPS officials had held several meetings with a CPI(M) MP, an MLA and a zilla parishad member at the State Electricity Board guesthouse in Kolaghat where they chalked out the action plan. In order to keep the deliberations a closely guarded secret, even the District Superintendent of Police was not allowed to participate in the meetings, the last of which was held on March 13 evening. Courtey: INI SIGNAL BLOG

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Unprecedented vandalism in Kolkata, army called in
Shyamal Sarkar, 21 November 2007, Wednesday

MINDLESS ANGER and an orgy of violence hit central Kolkata in waves for nearly seven hours on Wednesday with hooligans taking on the police and the Rapid Action Force (RAF) burning cars and buses, looting shops and pelting stones. A chakka jam call given by the All India Minority Forum (AIMF) protesting against the Nandigram violence and demanding that the visa of controversial Bangladesh authoress Taslima Nasreen be revoked and she be thrown out of the country, snowballed out of control. The issue of Tasmila’s expulsion overtook the Nandigram factor with posters being held aloft saying “Taslima go back”. The Army had to be called into stage a flag march after hours of unabated violence which centred and also spread to a potentially volatile areas taking on communal overtones. for a detailed report

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Jamiat wants all-party MPs team to visit carnage site

Rajeev Ranjan Roy | New Delhi

…to expose Red terror

Painting a grim picture of CPI(M) cadre’s brutality at Nandigram, Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind (JUH) has claimed that over 30,000 displaced people, mostly belonging to the Muslim community, are languishing in relief camps and demanded that a joint Parliamentary delegation should visit the victims.

“Nothing less than a joint Parliamentary team would bring forth the truth of Nandigram, which would totally expose the CPI(M) rule. Given the magnitude of the State orchestrated tragedy, the country’s Parliament must know what kind of price the poor farmers of Nandigram paid for no fault of theirs,” JUH general secretary of West Bengal Maulana Siddiqullah Chowdhury told The Pioneer on Tuesday.

The JUH has been in the forefront of the people’s protest against the CPI(M) in Nandigram and Chowdhury has been highly critical of the CPI(M)’s excesses against the people who have refused to succumb to the terror tactics of the Red Brigade.

“Over 30,000 people, mostly Muslims, have become refugees in their own homeland in Nandigram, thanks to the CPI(M) cadre. They are not allowing us to take relief materials to the camps, and are asking the people to accept their writ to survive,” he claimed.

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