The Banglasahib Gurudwara and Sikh Ehibition

30 01 2008

THe Sikh population in India is just 2% and still their contribution to the Indian freedom strugle was huge. Acording to an estimate 86% of those sacrificed their lives in the freedom struggle were sikh.

Hanged to death Sikh 93 Non sikh 28 Total 121

Life imprisonment Sikh 2147 non sikh 499 Total 2646

Martyrs of Jalian walabagh Sikh 799 Non sikh 501 Total 1300

Martyrs of Bajbajghat Sikh 67 Non sikh 46 Total 113

Martyrs of Kuka movement Sikh 91 non sikh — Total 91

Martyrs of Akali Movement Sikh 500 Non sikh — Total 500

Source and compilation:Dharam PraCHAR Committee Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee


31 10 2007


Miniature Painting by the Sikh School of Art – early 19th century of Guru Nanak with Bhai Mardana

The objective is to show the Sikhs as the defenders of Indian Dharma. Throughout the ages, Sikhs have protected India from numerous onslaughts by foreign invaders – whether the Mughals or the British. This has not been recognized by society today.
We also need to bring the spirit of Kshatriyas back into the people of India, as today it again faces a threat to its culture and traditions from globalization and conversions. This will and courage to defend one’s dharma from threats, both within and without, is still very strong in the Sikh community and this should be brought to the forefront and shared with the rest of the people of this country.


1) A documentary film on the 1947 Holocaust when tens of thousands Sikhs and Hindus were slaughtered. Today many of the survivors or those who have been witnesses to the Holocaust are close to dying, so it’s important we record their testimonies. We will have two versions: a 13 minutes film for TV’s and a 35 minutes one for film festivals abroad.

2) A paintings’ exhibition on Sikhism, on the same lines than the one I just did on Aurangzeb (see below the beheading of Guru Teg Bahadur) and the one I am preparing on Shivaji – that is original paintings signed and dated in Moghol miniature style, depicting impeccably documented historical scenes. I am looking for sponsors who could have a share in the exhibition, either in the sales of the paintings when we have shown it in India and the US, or in their ownership.

3) A Coffee Table Book with some of the photos shot during the film plus the paintings of the exhibition, recounting the birth of Sikhism and its history. We will have to find a publisher who will bear the costs.

A. Budget for the Documentary film

* We begin by shooting a film in Delhi, using our personal contacts, to find out Punjabi and Sikh survivors of 1947 atrocities. Then we can move on to Punjab (hence the added staying and travel expenses).

* It is important that a photographer be present along the cameraman (and a sound person), so that we can have stills for the exhibition and the future Coffee Table book.
The budget has been made for 30 full working days, which can be spread out according to the team’s availability.

Cameraman 30 days (8 hours) by 4000 Rs a day (with video) = 120.000

Soundman 30 days. 1200 RS a day = 36.000

Cameraman. 30 days by 1000 Rs a day = 30.000

* Traveling Expenses to Punjab. 4 trips for 3 people = 40.0000

* Board and Lodging Punjab. 20 days. 3 people. 50.000 rs

* Studio.60 hours editing by 1000 Rs a day = 60.000 Rs

* Printing/ Framing 60 photos for exhibition = 100.000

* Miscellaneous expenses = 25.000 Rs

TOTAL 4.61000 RS (four lakhs sixty one thousand rupees)


I. 40 paintings on an average @ Rs.30,000/- 12 LAKHS RUPEES

10 sketches @ RS10,000/- 1 LAKH

II. 20 Photographs @ 10.000 RS 2 LAKHS

III. Main Researcher to get in 4 instalments 1,20,000.00


1. Framing, mounting of paintings, sketches, documents, map, etc. in all about 79 exhibits

2. Two Committee Members to examine, advise, control quality of paintings etc. 20,000.00

Transportation (pick up van) of framed exhibits 10,000.00

Outside visits 25,000.00
Translations 10,000.00
Xeroxing and Typing 10,000.00
Printing Press charges 20,000.00
Local transport, currier, phones, dak, runner boy 5,000.00
Contingency 10,000.00



Yours truly
François Gautier

Upcomming FACT Exhibitions

4 10 2007

4-5 Oct 2007
Aurangabad, Maharashtra
10 am to 9 pm
Sree Gajanan Bhavan, Opposite Sree Gajanan Temple, Garkheda.

5-7 Oct 2007
Thane, Maharashtra
10 am to 9 pm
Shiv-Malati hall, Vinayak Sadan, Thakurvadi, Gokhale road, Naupada.

7 Oct 2007
Siolim, Goa
10 am to 8 pm
Sree Kalika Braahman Mandir, Oshel, Bhati, Siolim.

12-15 Oct 2007
Mumbai, Maharashtra
10 am to 9 pm
Sree Swayambhu Ganesh Devasthan, Vazhiranaka, Gorai Road, Borivali (w.)
9322368724, 9323287926

16-18 Oct 2007
Yavatmal, Maharashtra
10 am to 10 pm
‘Bhave Mangal Karyalay’, Yavatmal
9822729656, 9881722306

For the FACT exhibition in USA look at the video on Google videos

Ongoing & Upcoming FACT Exhibitions

25 09 2007

The Hindu Janajagruti Samiti in association with FACT, Foundation Against Continuing Terrorism are organising the following exhibitions at the following lo9cations Know more

Exhibition of documents concerning Aurangzeb’s genocide of Hindus
I am grateful to the Anonymous dear reader who brought this to my attention. This is an excellent article by Francois Gautier about the exhibition he is organizing about the genocidal activities of the Radical Islamic genocidal tyrant Aurangzeb. Says a blogger friend

Weblog of Dashmesh Pictures

Reproduced the Francois article on Aurangazeb

Thyere is this piece on The same subject on Boloji by V sundaram

Francis Gautier presents a traveling exhibition on the reign of the last Great Mughal Emperor, Aurangzeb that shows Hinduism as a timeless cultural manifestation capable of maintaining its unique character and spirit for tolerance amidst sustained onslaught.

Date Place Time Address Contact No
21-24 Sept 2007 Margao, Goa Full Day Lingayat Hall, Pajifond, Margao 9890722314
21-23 Sept 2007 Nashik, Maharashtra 10am to 9pm Limaye Hall, Tilak Road, Nashik 9422249329
21-24 Sept 2007 Mumbai, Maharashtra 5pm to 10pm Abhyudaya Nagar Sarvajanik Ganesh Mandal, Kalachauki, Shahid Bhagat Singh Ground 9322047582
22-24 Sept 2007 Mumbai, Maharashtra 4pm to 9pm Vijayanagar Society Hall, Sahar Road, Andheri (East) 9323950270

Date Place* No of Visitors Set** Inaugurated By Notes
11-14 Sep 2007 Beed, Maharashtra 1400 A & B Shri. Jaysingh Mama Chungade, Shivsena 1. Shri. Shivajirao Kulkarni sponsered 5000 handbills. 2. Smt. Jaju provided hall at very nominal rate.
8 Sep 2007 Bicholim Goa 250 A & B Shri. Mohan Kelkar, North Goa District Chief, RSS 1. The manager of Sree Maruti Temple provided the temple hall free of charge for the exhibition. 2. Shri. Sakharam Pednekar and Shri. Rajesh Parab provided sound system.
8-10 Sep 2007 Dharangaon, Jalgaon, Maharashtra 2500 A & B Shri. Mahesh Maharaj, Keertankar 1. Shri. Ranesh Mahajan provided hall free of cost. 2. Shri. Jeevanappa Bayas donated Rs. 2000 3. Shri. Mangaldas Bhatiya sponsered 5000 handbills.
7-9 Sep 2007 Mahalakshmi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 7500 A & B Shri. Baburao Borade, a devotee of Goddess Sree Mahalakshmi Foreigners visited the exhibition.
4 Sep 2007 Dadar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 1000 A & B Shri. Prakash Phatak, President, Gokul Mitramandal co-operated for arranging the exhibition.
31 Aug-2 Sep 2007 Thane city, Thane, Maharashtra 1200 A & B Pujya Eknath Maharaj Sadgir, Shri. Kelkar, MLA, BJP, Shri. Bhoir, Deputy mayor In the inauguration function Police restricted to show the VCD prepared by FACT ‘… and the world remain silent’ to Hindu Dharmabhimanis.
25-27 Aug 2007 Vileparle, Mumbai, Maharashtra 1760 A & B Shri. Vinayak Raut, Chief Secretary, Shivsena and Adv. Parag Alavani, BJP and others 1. Shri. Bapat, trustee, Sree Parleshwar Temple provided place of temple free of charge to arrange the exhibition.

2. Adv. Parag Alavani, ex-corporator, BJP provided nearby BJP office.

23-25 Aug 2007 Beed city, Beed Maharashtra 2600 A & B Pujya Patankar Maharaj, Prof. Sunil Dhande, MLA, Shivsena, Shri. Dharurkar of daily Lokasha and others 1. Prof. Sunil Dhande, MLA, Shivsena, sponsored 19000 handbills and 1000 posters for the exhibition
2. Shivsena provided 5 banners for displaying exhibition details.
22-23 Aug 2007 Hatkangale, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 1200 A & B Smt. Sunita Bachane, Sarpanch, Shri. Rajendra Patil, Deputy Taluka chief and press reporter of Daily ‘Samana’ and others Shri. Abhinandan Solankure, activist Sree Shivapratishthan had taken maximum responsibility of the exhibition. He also provided the food to the activist working for the exhibition.
19-21 Aug 07 Kankavali, Sindhudurga, Maharashtra 2600 A & B Shri. Parshuram Uparkar, MLA, Shivsena Smt. Shivani Bhat, displaced from Kashmir and now taking education at Kankavali visited the exhibition and expressed her experiences in the Kashmir.
19-20 Aug 07 Pulachi Shiroli, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 2000 A & B Pujya Vitthal Maharaj Patil, District Dharmacharya Sampark Pramukh, VHP Youths from ‘Shivapratishthan’ organization and ‘Sampark Yuva Dal’ took part in arrangement of the exhibition.
19-20 Aug 07 Junnar, Pune, Maharashtra 2000 A & B Pujya Atmaram Maharaj Tekale 1. Shri. Anil Joglekar of ‘Amarnath’ Local cable channel recorded the exhibition and immediately telecasted it. 2. RSS and Bajarang Dal activists present for whole day for providing security to the exhibition.
17-19 Aug 07 Bicholim, Goa 1072 A & B Shri. Anand Mayekar, President, Brahmanand Tarunai organization 1. Shri. Sanjeev Kumar, LIC agent printed 10,000 handbills for the exhibition. 2. Shri. Suresh Hobale, RSS activist at Lambgaon participated in the arrangement of the exhibition.
15-19 Aug 07 Ghatkopar, Mumbai, Maharashtra 2500 A & B Shri. Prakash Mehta, MLA, BJP, Adv. Liladhar Dake, Ex. Minister, Shivsena and P. Gaykar Maharaj Shri. Dattaram Gujar, Section chief, Shivsena provided hall of a temple and some place of Shivsena Shakha
14 Aug 07 Indapur, Raigad, Maharashtra 500 A & B Shri. Ramesh Shinde, Maharashtra state spokesperson, HJS Shri.Chandrashekhar Deshmukh and Shri. Dattatreya Patil provided hall free of charge
13-16 Aug 07 Tasgaon, Sangali, Maharashtra 7000 A & B Shri. Shrikant Chavhan, District chief, Sree Sampraday and Shri. Amol Shinde, Deputy mayor Trustee of Virshaiv Mangal Karyalay provided hall in concessional rates.
12 Aug 07 Bastoda, Mapusa, Goa 250 A & B Smt. Laalan Karapurkar, Deputy Sarpanch of Bastoda village Smt. Laalan Karapurkar, Dy. Sarpanch of Bastoda village provided hall free of charge and also informed the villagers to attend the exhibition.
11-14 Aug 07 Belgaum city, Belgaum city, Karnataka 4000 A & B Swami Satchitprakashananda Saraswati of Arsha Vidya Kendra 1. Shri. Narvekar, VHP provided place and printed 3000 handbills for publicity.

2. His holiness Acharya Dharmendraji visited the exhibition. 3. Shri. Abhay Patil, MLA visited the exhibition.

5-6 Aug 07 Shirpur, Dhule, Maharashtra 2300 A & B Shri. Baban Choudhary, Deputy president, BJP HJS, Shivsena, BJP and VHP had jointly organized this exhibition.
29 July 07 At 173 places in India Average


A & B HJS displayed FACT charts in Sanatan Sanstha’s

Gurupournima programs.Members of HJS and seekers of
Sanstha explained these charts to the curious.
Likewise, during talk on the topic of
‘Rekindling and Protection of Dharma’ at the

Gurupournima celebration, the speakers gave the

audience information about the FACT exhibitions to be

organised by the HJS at different places.

16-17 July 07 Shindkheda Dhule, Maharashtra 750 A & B Shri. Hemnat Salunkhe, local leader, Shivasena
14-16 July 07 Nanded city, Nanded, Maharashtra 1000 A & B Pujya Baba Balvindarsinghji, Naginaghat Gurudwar Sanatan Sanstha, Yogvedant Samiti, Swa. Savarkar Pratishthan, Shivsena, Brahman Mahasangh took part to arrange the exhibition.
13-16 July 07 Savantwadi Sindhudurga, Maharashtra 1350 A & B Dr. Trambak lele, RSS 1. Shri. Shivram Dalvi, MLA visited the exhibition. 2. Coverage by the ‘Sahara News’ and ‘Me Marathi’ channels
12-15 July 07 Prabhadevi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 25000 A & B Many Hindus who wished to participate in the activities of the HJS, provided their contact details.
12-14 July 07 Dombivali, Thane, Maharashtra 2000 A & B H.H. Sharaddada Vaishampayan

1. Shri. Umesh Nakhye, owner of Everest Hall provided the premises free of cost for 3 days. 2. HJS had organized a debate on the topic ‘Hindu genocide’. Local leaders of Shivsena, BJP and Dr. Sacchidanand Shevade, renowned kirtankar participated in the debate.

8-9 July 07 Vardha city, Vardha, Maharashtra 1200 A & B Pujya Satish Maharaj, National Kirtankar 1. The Trustee of the Bajaj library provided the hall free of charge for the exhibition. 2. Owner of local cable channel advertised this program on his channel free of charge.
8 July 07 Khandala, Satara, Maharashtra 600 A & B Adv. Balkrishna Pandit, RSS 1. Shri. Subhash Sawant, Principal of local college provided the chairs and table free of charge for the exhibition. 2. Activists of Dharmaveer Sambhaji Mitra Mandal, Shivshakti Gram Vikas Mandal, Krantisigh Ganeshotsaw Mandal printed the handbills required for the publicity of exhibition and distributed it.
5-7 July 07 Ahamadnagar city, Ahamadnagar, Maharashtra 6000 A & B Shri. Anilbhaiya Rathod, MLA, Shivsena Muslim organizations had given a representation to the District Collector opposing this exhibition. Noticing this, 10 activists of Shivprathisthan came forward to provide security for the exhibition.
1-2 July 07 Ichalkaranji, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 700 A & B Pujya Bal Maharaj Local Hindu organizations participated in the publicity and also helped to organize the exhibition.
29 June-1 July Mapusa, Goa 2000 A Shri. Narayan Rathawad, Senior reporter Shri. Rane, ex- MLA, MGP (local party), Shri. Sheth-Tanavade, ex-MLA, BJP, Mrs. Bhobe, councilor of Mapusa MNC, Shri. Valavalkar, RSS, Shri. Buva, VHP and other eminent pro-Hindus visited exhibition.
29 June-1 July 07 Nagpur city, Nagpur, Maharashtra 700 A & B Pujya Sadgurudas Maharaj Dharmapeth Shikshan Sanstha provided the hall at nominal rates.
29 June-1 July 07 Amaravati city, Amaravati, Maharashtra 3000 A & B Dr. Pradeep Shingote, City chief, Shivsena 1. Shri. Patane of ‘Chintamani Coaching Classes’ printed 10000 handbills of the exhibition free of charge. 2. RSS activists explained this issue in their program and also distributed handbills.
29-30 June 07 Chopda, Jalgaon, Maharashtra 5500 A & B Pujya Narayan Swami, Rameshwartirth Shri. Atul Sonavane, District chief of Shivsena immediately chalked out plans to organize such exhibitions in the 4 talukas of Dhule district.
26-29 June 07 Miraj, Sangli, Maharashtra 4000 A & B H.H. Poyekar Maharaj ‘Khare Mandir Vachnalay’ provided hall at nominal rates.
24-June 07 Solapur city, Solapur, Maharashtra 1000 A It was organized in the Solapur Dharmajagruti Sabha.
22-24 June 07 Rajarampuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 700 A Shri. Sambhaji Jadhav, Speaker, Standing committee

1. Shri. Sunil Bhaik, junior engineer of MNC made available tables free of charge 2. Shri. Rajshekhar Baggi, owner, Shubhraj enterprises give Generator free of charge for 4 days.

21-24 June 07 Dhule city, Dhule, Maharashtra 5500 A Shri. Hiraman Gavali, Regional Chief, Hindu Ekta Andolan 1. Shri. Kantilal Jain, President ‘Jain Sadan’ organization provided the hall’s rooms free of charge. 2. Shri. Gavali expressed his desire to organize and fund such exhibitions during this year’s Ganesh festival.
20-22 June 07 Vita, Sangali, Maharashtra 1200 A Pujya Ishwarbuwa Ramdasi and Adv.Vaibhavdada Patil, Mayor Municipal corporation provided hall free of charge.
17-19 June 07 Mirajkar Tickti, Kolhapur, Maharashtra 2000 A Pujya Vitthal Tathya Patil Local Hindu organizations participated in the publicity and also helped to organize the exhibition.
13-14 June 07 Ponda, Goa 700 A Pujya Pethe Aji, Sanatan Sanstha

1. Bajarang Dal’s local activists assured their help in organizing the

exhibition at Madgaon.2. A teacher of the M.I.B.K. School promised

to make efforts to organize the exhibition in her school.

9-June 07 Swarget, Pune, Maharashtra 1500 A It was organized in the Pune Dharmajagruti Sabha.
3-5 June 07 Mangalore city, Mangalore, Karnataka 500 A & B Shri.Hanumant Kamat, Spokesperson, Mangalore Nagarik Hitarakshana Vedike

Shri. Kuldeep Pandit, Kashmiri refugee expressed his thoughts.

1-3 June 07 Sahakarnagar, Pune, Maharashtra 600 A Himani Savarkar, President, Svatantranveer Savarkar Prathisthan Shri. Mandar Bedekar, one of the speakers during the exhibition himself distributed 200 handbills.
29-31 May 07 Sadashiv Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 1000 A Adv. Amarsingh Jadhavrav, Editor, ‘Dainik Rashtratej’ Shri. Date Mandavwale provided cloth partition free of cost and Shri. Bamane provided hall at concessional rates.
27 May 07 Panvel Raigad, Maharashtra 2000 A The exhibition was organised in the HJS Dharmasabha.
22-24 May 07 Kothrud, Pune, Maharashtra 700 A Vedmurti Shri. Moreshwar Ghaisas, the chief trustee, Ved-bhavan
22-27 May 07 Pandharpur city, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 500 A Shri. Sambhaji Shinde, taluka president, Shivsena. Savarkarpremi Mandal and Savarkar Muktadwar has given invitation for exhibition and provided hall for it.
22-24 May 07 Bangalore city, Bangalore, Karnataka 1000 A & B Sree Chidroopananda Saraswathi, Arsha Vidhya Peetha The event was widely covered by the media.
20 May 07 Thane city, Thane, Maharashtra 2000 A The exhibition was organised in the HJS Dharmasabha.
19-20 May 07 Sinhagad road, Pune, Maharashtra 1500 A Capt. Dwarakanath Deshpande, Retd. Military Officer Chitamani Mangal Center provided chairs and tables free of charge. The ‘Mandap’ was made available at concessional rates.
16-18 May 07 Udupi city, Udupi Karanataka 1500 A & B His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Vidhyavallabha Prasanna Shripada, Sree Kaniyuru Mutt, Udupi. Shri. Sunil Kumar, MLA, BJP declared that he will organise this exhibition in his constituency. The entire program was compered by Shri. Vasudev Bhat of Hindu Yuva Sena.
16 May 07 Bhor, Pune, Maharashtra 2000 A H. Sadashiv Deshmukh, Datta Sampraday ‘G.P. Library’ management committee provided the library premises free for the exhibition.
15 May 07 Velha, Pune, Maharashtra 250 A Shri. Nanaso Sabane, Velha taluka president, BJP Torana student hostel provided hall free of charge.
11-12 May 07 Shiraval, Satara, Maharashtra 1300 A H.B.P. Bhanudas Ghare Maharaj Shri. Shekhar Gadevar of Nanded requested HJS to organize this exhibition in Nanded.
21-29 April 07 Hosanagar, Shimoga, Karnataka 30000 A & B H.H. Sree Raghveshwar Bharati Swamiji, Ramchandrapur Math It was arranged in Vishwa Gau Sammelan
20 April 07 Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 2000 A The exhibition was organised in the HJS Dharmasabha.
15-17 April 07 Pandharpur city, Pandharpur, Maharashtra 850 A & B Shri. Dvaipayan Varkhedkar, Senior journalist Shri. Radhesham, owner of Lakshaman bag ‘math’ provided the place free of charge. Owner of Adithya Mandap contractor gave concession in Mandap rates.
4-6 April 07 Akkalkot, Solapur, Maharashtra 1000 A & B
1-2 April 07 Kurduwadi, Solapur, Maharashtra 400 A & B
25-29 March 07 Barshi, Solapur, Maharashtra 3000 A & B
17-23 March 07 Solapur city, Solapur, Maharashtra 2000 A & B Pujya Chavan Maharaj, Shri. Purushottam Barde, District chief, Shivsena Adv. Kiran Kanale provided place free of charge for the exhibition.
20-25 Feb 07 Satara city, Satara, Maharashtra 20000 A & B 300 Kirtankars and Pravachankars visited the exhibition. Some Hindu organizations leaders, prominent pro-Hindus also visited.
10-11 Feb 07 Panvel, Raigad, Maharashtra 3000 A & B Shri. Sreedhar Bodhe, Sub-divisional Magistrate, Panvel media press club had jointly organized this exhibition with HJS.
1-2 Feb 07 Aurangabad 300 A & B

US Senators support the cause of Hindus in Bangladesh

19 09 2007

An exhibition of photos and panels vividly describing the atrocities on Hindus in Bangladesh caught the attention of influential Congressmen and key policymakers in the Bush administration.

The two-day exhibition titled “Asru” was held at the Rayburn House Office Building at the US Capitol from July 30. The exhibits of 28 panels, which graphically chronicled the deteriorating condition of Hindus and other religious minorities in Bangladesh over the past several decades, were put together by the Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM) and Foundation Against Continuing Terrorism (FACT). “It is time that the world should know what is happening with the Hindu minorities in Bangladesh,” said Amalendu Chatterjee, HRCBM director. The population of Hindus in this Muslim-majority country, he pointed out, has dropped from as high as 37 per cent in 1940s to a mere 11 per cent now. “It is all because of the atrocities perpetrated on the Hindus by the ruling class all these years,” he said.

In organising an exhibition on the plight of Hindus and other minorities in Bangladesh for the first time in the history of the Capitol, the efforts of HRCBM and FACT did cut ice among the Congressmen and key policymakers who took time out of their busy schedule to take a look at what was on display. “All the representatives and their staffers reiterated the need to protect the rights of minorities and to deal with Islamic groups in a resolute manner,” said Utsav Chakrabarti, designer of the exhibition and a member of FACT. The exhibition received bipartisan support from Congressional leaders and was attended by concerned citizens, political analysts and human rights representatives.

Moved by the graphic description of the condition of Hindus and other religious minorities in Bangladesh, powerful Congressman Ed Royce (R-CA) wrote in the visitors’ book kept at the exhibition: “The international community must take an action against these genocidal acts now before this culture is extinguished and the minorities forcibly killed, converted or exiled in the face of an underground jehad.” Royce who spent more than an hour at the exhibition hall visiting each and every panel expressed optimism that due to this effort by HRCBM and FACT, members of Congress will be educated “as to the extreme challenge and persecution faced by Hindus, Buddhists and Christians due to the threat posed by Islamic fundamentalism in Bangladesh.” Frank Pallone Jr. (D-NJ), who sponsored the event at the Capitol said after visiting the exhibition:

“I was proud to be the Congressional sponsor of this important exhibition on human rights in Bangladesh. I believe it helped bring much-needed attention to the plight of minorities in Bangladesh who have suffered from increasing attacks over the past few years.” Influential Joseph Crowley (D-NY), founder and co-chair of the Congressional Caucus for Bangladesh and member of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus, said the exhibition “serves as an important reminder to the international community that we must remain vigilant in preventing violence, suffering and loss around the world.” He expressed his willingness to continue working with his colleagues in Congress to help all of the people of Bangladesh to ensure that their religious and ethnic backgrounds are respected.

The event also had presentations by Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), Ranking Member on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Mark Kirk (R-IL), co-chair of the Congressional Caucus for Bangladesh, Rep. Steve Chabot (R-OH), and Rep. Bob Etheridge (D-NC). Toni Van Pelt expressed dismay at the apathy of the human rights groups towards Hindu rape and molestation victims, while urging the media to take the cause of Hindus in Bangladesh by reporting such incidents. Shahriar Kabir urged for global pressure on government in Bangladesh to take a stringent action against Jamaat-e-Islami for its role in continuing atrocities against minorities. He also reiterated the need to repeal the Vested Interest Property Act which allows the Government of Bangladesh to confiscate properties of non-resident Hindus and others it deems as an enemy of the State.

Samaresh Baidya narrated his first-hand experience facing the wrath of fundamentalist Islamists. He underlined the need for the journalist community to expose the reality of religious intolerance and persecution. Dwijen Bhattachariya, from the Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council, and Professor at Columbia University, felt that Bangladesh is quickly turning into a Taliban-like state with potential for becoming a breeding ground for the next generation of jehadi terrorists.

Rosalind Costa, a social worker from Bangladesh, narrated her experience rescuing women in rural areas. She described the case of two minor rape victims, Rita Rani Das and Purnima Shil, who were gang-raped by jehadis and forcibly converted to Islam. “Our goal was to create awareness and activism in order to alleviate the plight of Hindus and other religious minorities in that region. And we have achieved it,” said Chatterjee, adding that encouraged by the response, the organisers have now decided to take this exhibition to other parts of the country as well, with Houston being its next destination.

Francois and his trubles with FACT and US

21 08 2007

Francois and his trubles with FACT and USok I was with francois at FACT and to start with here are some pixHEre are some Pix I have Clicked at the Exhibition

Hope U like them THey are with my Sony ericsson p910iso not that gr8 a quality

Loads of problems in the first place people are not ready to accept the idea ..

There have been a couple of voluntary supporters but u know how we Hindus are we go back at the slightest of bullying..THe contributors and supporters went away and he is all alone again…..I was with him at the FACT exhibition but poor guy yaar he is fighting a lone battle and for whom not for himself but for some “reatures called hindus”…I pity myself so lets spread the wordAnd lets do something

FACT Exhibition
Unveiling of “Asru (Tears): An Exhibition on the Plight of Hindus and other Minorities in Bangladesh” on Capitol Hill

FACT EXHIBITION was planned to be in Bangalore at MAINE Sadan Lauvelle Road from 19th Mar – 24th MArch… Volunteers requiredAnd MOST IMPORTANTLY VISITORS U know why ppl were afraid of visiting or getting Identified with FACT…

COz the themes we take up are bold bolder enough for the poor Hindus to get identified with. ANd after all we needed sombody like FRANCOIS GAUTIER to take up the cause of HINDUS and not we ourself.

GEt in touch with me for working with FACT :

now in preperation is “An Exhibition on Aurangazeb as he was portrayed in MOGHUL records”So nothing from our hands or mouths just as it was in the MOGHUL records. Poor Francois had to struggle with the Museum, ASI and other authorities mind u this was not in some MP or Nagaland it was in our very own Vasundharaji’s Govt RAjastan. ofcourse she was helpful later but look at the state of affairs.