Praying and paying homage to the departed in Terror brutal attack

30 11 2008

The Burning TAJ

The list of the Departed

World Reacts

14,499 WAS THE number of terror attacks worldwide in 2007, compared to 11,156 in 2005. Almost 43 per cent— about 6,200—occurred in Iraq, where 13,600 fatalities—60 per cent of the worldwide total—were reported in 2007, according to the US National Counterterrorism Center’s Country Report on Terrorism 2007.

1795 WAS WHEN the word terrorism was invented, in connection with the French revolutionaries who executed their enemies. But terrorism as we know it today is hought to have taken its roots after the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War in 1967. After the Israelis occupied the West Bank and Gaza Strip, the PLO hijacked planes. They raided the Olympic village in Munich, in 1972, killing 17 Israeli athletes.

1,111 PEOPLE KILLED in terrorist attacks in India this year till November 24, two days before the Mumbai terrorist attacks.

$430 BILLION IS the amount that the US Congress has spent since 2001 on military and diplomatic efforts in support of the Global War on Terrorism.

1 BILLION DOLLARS is what it would cost the world to stop one catastrophic terrorist event, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal Doubling the Interpol budget and allocating one-tenth of the IMF’s yearly financial monitoring and capacity-building budget to tracing ter rorist funds would cost about $128 million annually.







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Munich | 1972 Black September, a Palestinian group linked to PLO, took 11 Israeli team members hostage at the Olympics village. The drama ended in a gun battle at the airport, leaving all the hostages, one German police officer and 5 terrorists dead
Athens | 1973 Black September guerrillas stormed the airport, opening fire on the crowd. Three persons were killed, 55 injured and 35 taken hostage. They were held at gunpoint for hours before the guerrillas surrendered
Rome | 1973 Arab guerrillas attacked the airport, killing 30 before hijacking a Lufthansa jet; demanded release of gunmen caught after Munich and Athens attacks. The guerillas eventually surrendered
Luxor | 1997 Militants of the Egyptian group Al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya attacked foreigners with automatic rifles near the tourist town, killing 58. Egypt’s worst terror strike in decades
Moscow | 2002 Chechen rebels took 850 hostages at a theatre, demanding release of prisoners. After a 60-hour siege, Russian forces stormed in, killing 39 terrorists. Some 130 hostages died in the operation
Beslan | 2004 Chechen rebels took more than 1,100 people, including 777 children, hostage in a school in Beslan, Russia. The stand-off ended on the third day after Russian forces stormed the building. Around 340 hostages, half of them children, died

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